iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre formerly known as Coral Sky Amphitheatre or Perfect Vodka Amphitheater is the music venue in West Palm Beach, Florida if you want to attend a music concert or any other high class performances. This open air music venue can seat 19,000 people and it is a modern amphitheatre owned by South Florida Fairgrounds.

The views at the amphitheatre during the day and night are amazing as you get to see magnificent views of West Palm Beach.

Coral Sky Amphitheatre view

The amphitheatre has seen some mega events and concerts by performers such as Curiosa, Lilith Fair, The Buzz Bake Sale, The Mayhem Festival, Projekt Revolution, The Gigantour, Ozzfest, The Vans Wraped Tour, Lady Antebellum and more. While the amphitheatre is used for concerts in most cases in case of heavy metal concerts the back stage is used for concerts that allow general admission standing room only and in these cases the amphitheatre is used as the backstage.


The venue was first opened to the public on April 26, 1996. Since opening, the venue has been known as several names and is, in fact, the venue that has had the most name changes in the United States. This includes its most recent name change on January 16, 2020 when iThink Financial Credit Union purchased naming rights to the venue.

Since its opening the venue has seen several incredible concerts including tour dates throughout the year. This includes a tour date on November 2, 1996 when Phish played at the venue during their 1996 fall tour. Tori Amos also played her last concert of her Scarlet’s Walk Tour at the venue on September 4, 2003. Which was an event that was recorded and released on DVD one year later.

It has also been used for various special events including The Buzz Bake Sale, Curiosa, Lilith Fair, The Gigantour, Projekt Revolution, Christ Fellowship’s Easter services, Ozzfest, Crüe Fest, Crüe Fest 2, The Mayhem Festival and The Vans Warped Tour, among others.

What’s The Amphitheatre Like

But you might be wondering what’s it like at the venue? Is the hype worth the visit?

Well most reviews will tell you that it is. Not only does iThink Financial Amphitheatre have a history of stunning and unforgettable shows, concerts, tour dates, and festivals, but they’ve got a massive facility to enjoy them in. West Palm Beach’s facility and lawn is arranged so that you can expect clear views of the stage from all angles with sound engineering to make every note or lyric crystal clear. It’s also got plenty of on-site staff to offer your choice of food, beverages, and merch to make your trip more than worth it.

And speaking from review experience, many frequent guests and ticket holders just can’t help but to vibe. The crowds are laid back music lovers who want to see everyone have a great time. Whether it’s an all-ages event or an adults only concert, you can expect style, class, and fun from the fans.

ithink amphitheatre atmosphere

Name Changes

Initially Cruzan Amphitheatre was named Coral Sky Amphitheatre because the seating arrangements were such that guests often had a view of the beautiful sunset. Later the venue was called Mars Music Amphitheatre as its first sponsor was Mars Music. However when this company filed for bankruptcy people went back to calling the amphitheatre Coral Sky but shortly after this change the venue’s name was again changed to Sound Advice Amphitheatre when sound Advice became the new sponsor. Finally in early 2008, the amphitheatre had a new sponsor – Cruzan Rum and the amphitheatre was renamed Cruzan Amphitheatre.


There is a parking area provided by the venue managers at the amphitheatre however the parking fees are show specific. As the parking slots at the Cruzan Amphitheatre opens up approximately 3 hours before the show be sure to time your arrival and you will have to pay extra parking charges if you arrive early. If money is not an issue and you prefer a guaranteed parking, then Guaranteed Premier Parking can be purchased in advance. In case you have not booked your parking space online, premier parking locations are available on show days only on first come first serve basis. There are different types of seating provisions available depending on your budget. VIP seating packages are also available. Opting for a covered seating would be the right thing to do especially for concerts held in wetter seasons.


This amphitheatre is popular amongst music lovers as it offers amazing acoustics and also has plenty of food and drink choices.

While the rules might change depending on the type of performance, there are some broad guidelines and rules that guests must adhere to while visiting the Cruzan Amphitheatre. Items such as umbrellas, low profile lane chairs, blankets and one sealed bottle per guest is allowed into the venue. Food items can also be carried however they should be packed in clear plastic bags.

Alcoholic beverages, laser pointers, glass or metal containers or weapons of any kind are not permitted in the venue.

For a list of rules and further info on the venue please see iThink Amphitheatre Rules