Breaking Benjamin & Staind at iTHINK Amphitheatre

Breaking Benjamin & Staind Tickets

iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre | West Palm Beach, Florida

Breaking Benjamin & Staind

Are your senses picking up on the banging sound of metal? Take that as a warning that a double-headlining tour of two of the most prominent rock titans in history is headed to break in and enter the shores of West Palm Beach, Florida. Nu metal icon Staind and alternative rock legend Breaking Benjamin are raring and ready to take over the iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre on Thursday 26th September. And as if these two heavyweights were not enough, the concert will be opened by the fresh and driving country rock music of Lakeview, then power pop rock idol, Daughtry steps in as guest performer. This rock-solid line-up truly raised the bar for all rock concerts to come. Break no bones in trying to save your spot in the moshpit of the Stand & Breaking Benjamin tour. All it takes are just a few quick and easy clicks to get tickets through this site. Book and grab your tickets now!

The early 2000s rock scene was bustling with a melange of artists raising the banners of the eclectic sub-genre of rock music. Two artists stood out and were certified fan favorites. Breaking Benjamin broke out from the post-grunge alternative metal side, while Staind represented the then-burgeoning Nu-metal front. Back then, they carried on road and world tours individually, with legions of fans in attendance. Over two decades have passed, and avid followers of both bands are in for a special treat as they will come together to witness and relive the electrifying music and indomitable showmanship as double-headliner acts, conquer the stage of the iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre on Thursday 26th September. Then a big add-on to this joint tour is the stellar opener and dynamic guest performer namely Lakeview, as the former, and Daughtry, the latter. Each name stands out with the impact and influence they have carved out in the rock musicscape. Breaking Benjamin. Staind. Daughtry. Lakeview. They not only have golds, platinum, and sold-out concerts to their names, but these artists have a throng of fiercely loyal fanbases.

Breaking out into the scene in 1988 with their debut album "Saturate" was Breaking Benjamin. In between the band's hectic touring stints, internal squabbles over creative differences and several band member shuffles, they still managed to cough out six studio albums. Their mega-hit singles like "The Diary of Jane", "Breathe", "Sooner or Later", and "So Cold", raked in over 19 million units sold, yielding three multi-platinum, two platinum, and six gold record awards.

Staind was one of the forerunners of the heavy metal offshoot dubbed Nu metal. "It's Been Awhile" was and still is their emotive anthem, and one of the carrier singles that propelled their album "Break the Cycle" to snag a top-five post at the Billboard Hot 100 and giving them a 5x platinum disc. They are also known for their crossover hits like "Price to Play", "For You", "So Far Away", "Fade", and "Right Here". The Nu metal label stuck with the band but Rolling Stone put into perspective the sound that they truly embody. "Staind got their first break in 1998 when [Fred] Durst signed the band to his Flip Records. That association has linked the group with "new metal," though Break the Cycle's sound is neither particularly new nor metal. The band doesn't rap, and though Mushok has adopted new-metal's minor-key guitar riffs, Lewis' dramatic voice and the anthemic quality of such songs as "Open Your Eyes" and "Fade" are more akin to Alice in Chains than to Korn. Aggressive yet reflective, Break the Cycle doesn't require a poisonous abundance of testosterone to be appreciated and is better suited to solitary listening than to the mosh pit."

Fans and followers have gone beyond these labels. They come for the music, and how it has impacted and created the soundtrack of their lives. With this killer roster -- what more could you ask for?! Truly a bang for your buck for fans eager to fork out dollars for a phenomenal concert experience. Tickets are now on sale, so book your tickets right here, right now!

Breaking Benjamin & Staind at iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre

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