Janet Jackson & Nelly at iTHINK Amphitheatre

Janet Jackson & Nelly Tickets

iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre | West Palm Beach, Florida

Janet Jackson & Nelly

Attention! Stand up! Y'all need to get ready for a sonic boom of epic proportions! iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre is about to explode on July 18th with a concert hotter than Nelly dropping rhymes in Death Valley. That's right, the one and only Janet Jackson is teaming up with hip-hop OG Nelly for a night of pure musical fire. We're talking "Hot In Here" meets "Rhythm Nation," "Dilemma" meets "Control," dance moves sharp enough to cut diamonds, and rhymes smoother than melted butter. Last year, Jackson was on the road with Ludacris, and that was such a sensational hit that she's back for more with a second tour of, "Together Again."

This is the ultimate nostalgic throwdown, a genre-bending collision of pop royalty and hip-hop heat. So grab your glowsticks, dust off your b-ball kicks, and get ready to scream until your vocal cords turn into autotune. Click that "GET TICKETS" button now!!!

In 2023, Janet Jackson teamed up with Ludachris for what became a smash-hit tour under the name "Together Again." It became so famous that it's back by popular demand, but this time the Queen of Pop has added Nelly, the Dirty South's king of hip-hop. The tour will include 35 amazing dates hitting up cities including, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, St. Louis Cincinnati, Cleveland, Boston, Detroit, Toronto, Brooklyn, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta and New Orleans before ending with a July 30 gig at Footprint Center in Phoenix, AZ.

It's not just about reliving the glory days of "Rhythm Nation" and "Hot in Here," though those anthems will definitely melt the roof off any arena. This tour is a portal to pure musical magic, where pop royalty and hip-hop royalty collide in a supernova of grooves, beats, and moves so sharp they could cut diamonds. Imagine moonwalks synced with swaggering raps, smooth rhymes flowing over pulsating bass, and enough star power to light up the Milky Way. This is a genre-bending, nostalgia-fueled explosion that'll leave you breathless and begging for more.

Janet, the Queen of Pop herself, needs no introduction. Her dance moves are sexier than an underwear model on a catwalk, her vocals smoother than melted chocolate, and her stage presence? It's a pure force of nature, she commands every inch of the spotlight. Witness her live and prepare to be mesmerized by her passion, and the timeless energy that made her a legend.

And then there's Nelly, the hip-hop OG with rhymes hotter than St. Louis in July. His laid-back charm and flow have been captivating audiences for decades, and his live performances are pure fire. Get ready to drop it like it's hot (again), raise your hands to "Country Grammar," and lose yourself in the effortless coolness that is Nelly.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, a cultural moment that deserves to be witnessed live. Grab your glitter-drenched crew, and prepare to unleash your inner fangirl (or fanboy). Because on the day Janet and Nelly grace the stage, the floor won't just be bouncing – it'll be pulsating with pure musical ecstasy. This is "Together Again," and it's gonna be legendary.

Janet Jackson & Nelly at iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre

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