Limp Bizkit at iTHINK Amphitheatre

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iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre | West Palm Beach, Florida

Limp Bizkit

Let the nu metal get loose as Florida experienced the rectified cruise with the iconic band Limp Bizkit dropping the Loserville Tour to West Palm Beach on Tuesday, 6th of August, at iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre. Rocking with the members Fred Durst, John Otto, Sam Rivers, Wes Borland, and DJ Lethal, the award-winning band will book the 24-date tour, having their way to the Floridan shoes to deliver the head-banging musical style that the fans are longing for. Bringing renowned special guests Bones, N8NOFACE, Corey Feldman with his band, and Riff Raff as host and MC, the instruments are tuned up, and the hype is turning right as Limp Bizkit leads the night of rock music scores up for grabs. Starring their biggest hits, Break Stuff, Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle), and Behind Blue Eyes, the metal rock is ready for a jam as Limp Bizkit strolls for a terrific and jam-packed slam, fuming the fans with a spectacular rock experience all night. Secure your tickets now!

The nu metal extravaganza will find its way to the state of Florida as the renowned band Limp Bizkit oozes with rock juices, delivering the best rock concert to West Palm Beach on their Loserville Tour on Tuesday, August 6, 2024, at iTHINK Amphitheatre. With the supporting acts from Bones, N8NOFACE, Corey Feldman with his band, and Riff Raff as host and MC, the vibes will be crazy as Limp Bizkit gives the rock feelings that fans are looking for.

The band consisting of Fred Durst (lead vocalist), John Otto (drums), Sam Rivers (bass), Wes Borland (guitars), and DJ Lethal (turntable) is on the rock splash as they bomb the theater with their rock tunes, inspired by nu metal and rap rock that all the fans will be eager to join. With their postponed tour last 2023 due to the frontman Fred Durst's health condition, the band is back like no other as they still have that angst for a rock band that will rock the whole stadium.

Starting in 1994, Limp Bizkit reigned the underground music scene until they bounced to the mainstream with their debut album Three Dollar Bill, Y’all, in 1997. Releasing back-to-back album hits with their Significant Other, Chocolate Starfish, and Hot Dog Flavored Water albums, Limp Bizkit solidified their means to be one of the prominent metal rock bands during their time. Although their career wrapped up with controversies, Limp Bizkit is here on the stages once again, back and complete to put the fans on a rock spree as they hit their biggest hits, including Break Stuff, Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle), and Behind Blue Eyes, putting the whole venue to a rock classic.

Along with the band, several special guests will add their angst to the full rock show on-demand, including the renowned pop band Bones, the Chicano Flannery O’Connor N8NOFACE, and the great singer Corey Feldman. Leading the turf will be iconic rapper Riff Raff as the MC/Host, who will add vibes to the show with his outrageous style and distinctive sound.

“Come lose with Us,” the band said on their Instagram account, hinting at the Loserville Tour for the fans.

iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre will be the venue of the Loserville Tour featuring Limp Bizkit. Its open-air musical venue, equipped with flexible event space, amazing facilities, and concert-friendly production, Limp Bizkit will absolutely bring the rock detonation that the fans will forever cherish in their rock emotions. Secure the dates and get your tickets now!

Limp Bizkit at iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre

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